Elizabeth Johnson

The Nature Conservancy

Liz Johnson is the Director of Ecological Management for the Nature Conservancy’s Pennsylvania Chapter, she oversees and coordinates the stewardship of Pennsylvania’s 28 preserves and develops habitat management projects.  She currently serves on Pennsylvania’s Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force and is interested in developing conservation strategies to reduce the ecological impact of energy infrastructure development.  She joined the Conservancy in 2008 and has worked on land protection projects in Pennsylvania and conservation planning in the Central Appalachians before transitioning to her current role in 2013.  Liz has a M.S. in Conservation Biology from the University of Minnesota where she worked at the Bell Museum of Natural History and focused on landscape and urban ecology with projects on avian conservation in urban and agricultural landscapes and the conservation value of urban parks.  She received a B.A. in Biology with a concentration in Ecology, Evolution and Behavior from Skidmore College, where she did research on the evolutionary ecology of avian mating behavior.   Liz is a native of Philadelphia, lives in Harrisburg, PA, and travels frequently between the Conservancy’s field offices and preserves, as well as her east coast relatives, so she is a connoisseur of gas station coffee.  She enjoys running, cooking, and watching hockey.